ELMA Cleaning Agents - Tec Clean
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Cleaning Agents for Industrial Applications

Industrial parts cleaning includes comprehensive and diverse cleaning applications. Frequently, grease or polishing paste needs to be removed. Fluxes or oxidation are cleaned from electromechanical components or circuit boards, and great care must be taken not to damage the base material.

The Elma range of cleaning agents is designed to meet these very different needs. Subsequent processes such as coating are safe after ultrasonic cleaning and yield high-quality results.

To help achieve perfect cleaning results, Elma offers to perform cleaning runs on a trial basis in our application laboratory in order to find suitable cleaning processes and solutions in cooperation with our expert teams.

Elma Tec Clean A1

A1 3f68d

Elma Tec Clean A1 is used in ultrasonic baths for cleaning substrates in the electronics (PCB) and optics industries (glasses, fine optics), electro-mechanical components as well as for the overhaul cleaning of plastics. Contaminations, such as light oil, grease, fluxing agents, dust and finger prints are fully removed.

Elma Tec Clean A2

A2 eaa96

Elma Tec Clean A2 contains ammonia and is designed for cleaning nonferrous metals, precious metals, brass, nickel and titanium. This cleaning concentrate reliably removes polishing-, lapping- and grinding residues., grease and oil.

Check Zn and Al for resistance before use. 
Non-ferrous and precious metals are brightend up. 

Elma Tec Clean A3

A3 42608

Use Elma Tec Clean A3 after mechanical machining of stainless steel, steel and other iron materials, titanium and precious metals as well as grey cast iron. It reliably removes grinding and polishing residues, punching oil, drawing grease, soot, tinder, high-performance cooling lubricants in the ultrasonic cleaning bath.

Check nonferrous heavy metals, brass, glass and quartz for resistance before use. 
Not suitable for Al and light metals.

Elma Tec Clean A4

A4 1c34f

Elma Tec Clean A4 cleans stainless steel, steel, iron, grey cast iron, aluminium and light metals, brass, nonferrous heavy metals, precious metals, nickel, zinc, plastics, ceramics, glass, quartz and rubber. It reliably removes contaminations like Oil, grease, soot, coking, forges, dust and fingerprints as well as polishing and lapping agents.

Elma Tec Clean A5

A5 612f7

Elma Tec Clean A5 is a light alkaline cleaning agent for stainless steel, steel, iron, grey cast iron, Al- and light metals, nickel, stainless metals and Zn. Alkali-proof surfaces can also be cleaned with A5. Contaminations as forged and resinified oil and grease, lacquer and paint remnants, wax, grinding and polishing media are removed by the Elma Tec Clean A5. 

Elma Tec Clean N1

N1 480fe 

Use Elma Tec Clean N1 for the gentle ultrasonic cleaning of all metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and rubber. It reliably removes Oil, grease, grinding-, lapping- and polishing media, dust, sweat and fingerprints. Elma Tec Clean N1 is alkali- and acid-free, odourless and biodegradable.

Check Mg for resistance before use.

Elma Tec Clean S1

S1 b917b

Elma Tec Clean S1 cleans nonferrous metals, stainless steel, Al and light metals, brass, steel, plastics and glass. Furthermore, this cleaning agent is also used to passivate stainless or chrome-plated steels. The passivation action for chromic steels is based on an increased chromium content on the surface by liberating ferrous atoms. It removes rust, lime, oxide films (e.g. verdigris), grease and oils.

Elma Tec Clean S2

S2 cddee 

Elma Tec Clean S2 is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of stainless steel, steel, brass, nickel, nonferrous and precious metals. Glass, ceramics and acid-resistant plastics. It eliminates mineral contaminations such as lime, rust and other oxides; films that can be removed with corrosives as well as mineral grease, oil, polishing and lapping agents.

Not suitable for Al and light metals.