With the pin marking system, the mark is created by a vertically oscillating carbide indenting moved in X and Y directions by two stepping motors.  

This results in a dense series of individual points to form an uninterrupted line.

In contrast, scribing marker has a diamond cutting pin which is moved over the product by a spindle drive unit.  The result is a low noise, high-quality marking system not requiring noise protection devices.

With these systems, products with a wide variety of form and material can be permanently and economically marked at high speed.

Any texts, figures, special signs or logos can be reproduced.  The lettering can be vertical or horizontal, at any required angle, or curved (readable from inside or outside).

Östling's marking systems have been used successfully for many years in the steel industry, in aircraft production, by tool producers and in the automotive industry.

Technical Sepcification:
  Types   Models    X-Y Travel
 Table Mounted Marke  05/09 T  90x50 mm
 08/14 T  140x80 mm
 Integration Marker  03/05 E  50x30 mm
 04/06 E  60x40 mm
 05/09 E   90x50 mm
 08/14 E  140x80 mm
 Hand Held Marker  03/05 H  50x30 mm
 05/09 H  90x50 mm
 08/14 H  140x80 mm
 Combination Marker  05/09 K  90x50 mm
 08/14 K  140 x 80 mm
 Magic-Pin   03/05  50 x 30 mm 
 Magic-Pin  100T  100x100mm

Toothed Belt Drive Unit - provided for Pinmarking
Spindle Drive Unit - provided for both Pinmarking and Scribing