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Which is the best product marking?

One of our strengths is our huge range of electrolyte that allows us to mark any electrically conductive material. Many of our electrolytes cover different materials, while others are specially tailored to a material.

In order to achieve the best possible marking result, the optimal interaction of electrolyte and marking parameters (marking performance and marking time) is required. The marking system used (manual/semi-automatic) and the size of the marking can also influence the marking results on your product.

In many cases, we can give you appropriate recommendations right away. In some cases, however, it makes sense or is necessary for us to conduct a corresponding series of experiments with different product markings based on your samples. This service is completely free for you!


  Number of   Electrolytes

Type of Marking   For Marking of
Black / White Deep
33 x   Hard chrome plated metals
332 x   Carbides
676 x   Tool steel, Ball bearings 
67/10/3 x   All corrosion-susceptibly, Ordinary steels
6744 x   Chrome steels and stainless steels
639 x   Aluminium die casting, Zinc plated materials
71 x   Chemically nickel-plated materials high-alloyed tool steels
72 x   Chrome steels (18/8, VA)
74 x   Saw blades
75 x   Chrome-plated materials
98 x   Titanium
117 x   Black oxidized (Bronzed) Materials
119 x   Steam-Finished materials
DE 20   x Steels
DE 40   x Non-ferrous metals
DE 90   x Steels with light underground